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New Products and Innovations

                                                                                                                                                                                         May 2019


With the labor crisis dominating the roofing industry, a common theme is becoming “I could do more work If I had more personnel.”

At Rocky Mountain Reps we are proud to be partnered with companies like Versico Roofing Systems. The last couple of years Versico has been introducing Labor Savings products as well as some innovative changes to existing products. CavGrip 3V is not a new product, but with the additions to the product line, it continues strong growth as the preferred adhesive for TPO and EPDM. New Products like RapidLock are changing how the industry looks at roofing systems and opens the door to what is possible in roofing. VersiFlex PVC Pressure-Sensitive Cover Strip, an exclusive product, brings a long-needed solution to PVC roofing systems. Flexible Dash Dual Tanks gives applicators the ability to be efficient when spraying polyurethane adhesives without expensive equipment. Versico’s Durastorm VHS coverboard and Optim-R are revolutionary insulation products that keep pushing the envelope of what’s possible under the membrane. New to Versico, Liquiseal Flashing and crossgrip walkways offer applicators better solutions to problematic projects.

Rocky Mountain Reps focuses on learning these products and where in the industry they can best solve problems. If you would like personalized training on any or all of these products, please reach out to us. It is exciting to watch these innovative products become more and more popular as their impact on the industry continues to expand.  


  • Brett Piane