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Your roof is meant to be the protector of the home,

not just an architectural feature

Here we are, the end of June already and a wet spring slowly working behind us. It’s storm season. The last two to three years have brought catastrophic hail to multiple areas of the front range.  As my wife’s car can attest to. (see pictured)


Years before that offered us dry fiery summers for our mountain and forest areas.Hail, fire….all of these events lead to coslty roof, home, car, repairs and/or replacements. Not to mention the time-consuming hassle. Then on top of all that, insurance companies are modifying policies, increasing our premiums, and doing whatever they can do to mitigate their risk. 

You can’t hail proof your car, but you can hail proof your home’s roof. And you can also make your roof fire resistant without sacrificing style with Daltile’s new Perennial Roof Product line. Get the sophisticated look of slate or wood shake, but with a fire-resistant porcelain tile engineered with natural materials to be durable and lightweight. This roof is so durable, it comes with a life long warranty that is transferable. Daltile

Your roof is meant to be the protector of the home, not just an architectural feature. Give us a call to learn more about this season’s discounts from Daltile Perennial Roof Tile.

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