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Building Code


November 2018

Are you aware that untested or non-code compliant roof edge metal leads to approximately 36% of construction litigation cases?  Why do we continually cut costs for this roof scope?  With catastrophic storm events dating back to the early 2000’s, it is abundantly clear that when the roof edge fails, your roof fails.  When your roof fails then your building is exposed to the storm and additional unnecessary damage occurs.  Because of these storms, local codes have changed and now the entire country has adopted the ES-1 roof edge building code standard (latest version is ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435 ES-1).  The standard requires the use of tested, code compliant roof edge systems.

We should be looking at this portion of the roof system as our first line of defense for your client’s building.  Change the conversation.  Most commercial roofers out there have great capabilities to create higher-end edge-systems.  Don’t be afraid to upsell the value you can bring them.  In the event, your shop is at capacity and you need supplemental help or if you are a roofer without the capability to make tested, code compliant edge systems let Rocky Mountain Reps Inc. and Metal-Era be your source.  Call us today for an efficient, cost-effective, customizable, roof edge solution.

Check out this edge metal resources page for more information

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