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Skip the Spring Cleaning

By: Arik Koch

The world of roofing has seen a significant increase in the use of single-ply roofing over the past decade and all indications point to its continued growth. With that growth comes more TPO roofs – initially a commodity product that has grown into a colorful and/or reflective alternative to EPDM. Several reasons could explain this growth, but the (2) most prevalent are a shortage of labor and innovations in production.

APEEL can be compared to the protective screen film you receive on a new phone. An afterthought that gets quickly discarded but results in a blemish-free product with little effort. Roofing is dirty work. Although Building Owners, and everyday pedestrians, will rarely see a roof there are still reasons beyond aesthetic that require a clean roof. For example, Debris can wear a roof out quickly due to high UV exposure as well as prevent proper drainage. Additionally, potential penetrations from natural events or tools being dropped during install can be hard to identify on a dirty roof. However, returning crew members to a finished TPO roof for a power washing is time consuming and negatively effects profit margins. Versico and Weatherbond’s approach is similar to many innovations in the past: Let us manufacture a solution for you to help save time and money.

Power washing a roof has an estimated cost between $.20-$.50/sqft (that’s per trip!) and a clean, finished roof is becoming a common requirement from Architects or Building Owners. A modest investment upfront in APEEL will result in cost savings, freeing up valuable labor, and a roof you can be proud to show off immediately. Not ready for the grand unveiling? Don’t sweat. APEEL can stay on for up to 90 days without degradation.

Consider using APEEL on your next project and wave goodbye to the old days of power washing while satisfying your clients expectations of a spotless roof.