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– Saving Products

Versico Roofing Systems has introduced a Labor Savings Initiative in 2018 that focuses on products, new and old, that can help increase labor efficiencies on the roof. We all know that labor has been the number one issue in the roofing industry over the last few years. As the average craft worker in the industry ages as well as the increased construction demand the need for both general and skilled labor will increase. Versico’s focus with these products is to improve rooftop productivity.

Some of the featured products in this initiative are CavGrip 3v Adhesive, Pressure Sensitive TPO Accessories, Flexible Dash Adhesive, APEEL TPO and 20” QA Cured EPDM Flashing.  If you would like to try these products on an upcoming project, Versico is offering free product samples. Find the Labor Saving Trial Materials Request order form on the Versico website to order today, Click Here. Or contact Rocky Mountain Reps Inc. to schedule a demonstration of these products and/or for assistance placing your sample order.

– Brett Piane