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Versico’s Premier Roof Evaluation Service

With the severe weather that can hit at any moment here in the Rocky Mountains it is important that your roof system is ready to defend it. Versico has a few tools that Rocky Mountain Reps Inc. uses to help evaluate existing roof systems and choose the right roof system for your building.

True Roof Rater is a roof evaluation tool for existing roof systems of any age. True Roof Rater produces a customizable report using GPS satellite imagery and real roof photos. A rooftop endures more abuse from the elements than any other part of a buildings exterior. Identifying problems and doing preventative maintenance can ensure the roof system is ready to perform when weather strikes and can also prolong the roofs life. True Roof Rater is based on the same platform Versico’s Field Service Representatives use to inspect the roof system. A completely custom report can be produced in just minutes that is easy to read and identifies and prioritizes potential issues.

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