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to the Rocky Mountain Reps, Inc. Blog!

First things first, we at Rocky Mountain Reps, Inc. would like to thank all our Versico supporters for helping us win the Versico Roofing Systems 2017 Outstanding EPDM Sales Award.  Without you and your support, we could have never made this possible!  What a start for the RMR team and Thank you!

Moving on to some short business.  For our first post, we thought it would be best to post an introduction to the Rocky Mountain Reps, Inc. blog.

In our blog, we will try and post monthly.  We intend to use this blog as a news feed of sorts.  We will post announcements and news for the Rocky Mountain Reps, Inc. firm, our partner manufacturers, and any interesting industry updates.  We want this blog to be informative and fun for all the clients we interact with daily.  Stay tuned for upcoming posts and news!

The RMR Team