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Which Roofing System Is Best For Your Building?

Are you a building owner in need of a new roof? Should you choose a PVC, TPO or EPDM roofing system? Do you know which kind of roofing insulation you should choose or what is the optimal R-Value?

Rocky Mountain Reps Inc. has the tool to illustrate the value and long-term performance of a roof system.

TrueRoof Cost is an energy cost savings calculator created to compare the benefits of additional insulation and/or optimal roof color for a commercial roof system. This tool helps building owners understand the long-term energy savings associated with adding insulation or a dark-colored roof versus a light-colored roof. The report generated, in just minutes, is easy to read and displays the return on investment on a new roofing system. Using data from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the DOE, and ASHRAE, TrueRoof Cost can demonstrate potential energy cost savings by comparing the amount cooling degree days vs heating degree days of your building in its location and climate.  Additionally, TrueRoof Cost compares thermal energy loss and can illustrate the value and performance of a specific roof system. With the ability to compare up to four different systems in a single report, the building owner is sure to choose the most efficient roof for their building.

If you are buying a new building and need a roof evaluation or an existing building owner needing to replace your roof, Rocky Mountain Reps Inc. can help you.